Oude Gueuze Boon

Oude Gueuze Boon

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This Oude Gueuze is a traditional unsweetened, unfiltered Oude Gueuze from Lembeek.

Brewed from 60% malt and 40% wheat, it matures under the name Lambic on oak casks.

Oude Gueuze consists for 90% of tender lambic of 18 months old, 5% characterful beer of 3 years and 5% very young lambic, which provides fermentable sugars and viable yeasts.

Old Gueuze is mixed in a mixing vessel of 25,000 litres and keeps the mixture cool. For bottling, the gueuze is brought back to fermentation temperature. The bottles are placed in an air-conditioned cellar so that the gueuze can secondary ferment in the bottle. After a few months of aging in the bottles, the gueuze gets its fine taste.

- Alcohol percentage: 7 % -
- This product includes 12 glass bottles of 37.5 cl -
- Glass containers collectable: EUR 4.50 -