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Gudule Winery
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Gudule wine is produced in Brussels with grapes imported from France. Gudule winery aims to exclusively produce organic wines mainly for local and direct distribution.

"By supplying us with our precious primary ingredient, our wine growing friends entrust us with the soul of their “terroir”. It is in the heart of Brussels that we strive to extract distillation. So yes, our winery isn’t in the middle of the vineyards but planted right in the heart of the city where we are most accessible. It is here, in the city centre, that we aim to maximise the value of our waste and by-products with our close partners. The circular economy in motion."

- This product includes 3 white wines (Afterwork en Terasse) and 3 rosé wines (Après-midi au parc) -
- Afterwork en Terasse: Blend of Mauzac, Ugni, Melon de Bourgogne, Chenin and white Grenache -
- Après-midi au parc: Blend of Cinsault, black Grenache and Syrah -
- This product includes 6 bottles of 75cl -